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4 definitions by MrCorrect1985

A thin layer of toilet paper strategically placed on the surface of the toilet water for the purpose of muffling the sound of the splash.
My bathroom is right beside my room mates' bedrooms, so out of courtesy I often use a turd supressor.
by MrCorrect1985 September 16, 2009
When you take a big shit and the turd creates a splash that goes up into your asshole, acting as a cleaner of sorts.
Not long after having my usual double quarter pounder meal with an extra bacon cheeseburger, I sat on the toilet in anticipation of a porcelain enema.
by MrCorrect1985 September 16, 2009
Noun. A synonym for a sheep.
Person 1: I need some wool to make this sweater for my girlfriend, any ideas where I could get some?

Person 2: Try the farmer's mistress.
by MrCorrect1985 September 16, 2009
Similar to cold calling. The person you're calling still doesn't know you or expect your call, but you happen to know someone who they know and like. By referral the ice is broken, and the call is warmer in temperature.
Salesperson: "I need to make a few calls, was there anyone at that networking breakfast who you think I should try?"

Friend: "Ya, try Pete Mullholland, he's the manager at Vandelay Industrial Supplies--we got along great"

Salesperson: "Finally I'm warm calling for a change"
by MrCorrect1985 July 08, 2009