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87 definitions by MrClean

A throughly unlikeable person who is stubborn, four flushing, ignorant, arrogant, and among other things, a real jerk.
George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other neocons fit the definition well.
by MrClean March 04, 2005
301 121
An epic story of love between a Congressman, a Lobbyist, and a President.

An epic story of all the crimes and kickbacks done by these three men.
Tom De Lay, Jack Abramhoff, and George W. Bush starred in Kickback Mountain.
by MrClean February 18, 2006
216 38
Much like an antipope, this is a man who has made an improper claim to the Preisdency of the United States.

The current occupant of the White House.
George W. Bush is the Antipresident.
by MrClean February 06, 2006
232 54
1. A type of military uniform worn by fighter pilots during missions.

2. A suit worn by politicans when they screw up and want to cover it up by four flushing posturing.
George W. Bush wore a flight suit right before landing on a carrier deck to deliver that little mission accomplished speech.
by MrClean January 24, 2006
200 22
1. The ultimate betrayer of the American people.
2. See also: Bush, George W.
3. See also: Antichrist
Judas W. Bush is the Antichrist who has betrayed all of us.
by MrClean March 05, 2006
241 64
1. What Judas Iscariot sold Jesus Christ out to the authorities for.
2. All it would take for some people to betray others.
3. A term associated with betrayal.
George W. Bush would betray the American people for as little as 30 Silver Pieces.
by MrClean April 07, 2006
198 25
In city, county, state, and federal governmental organizations, a surplus is a situation where such organizations take in more money than they pay out.
George W. Bush took the budget and flushed it down the toilet. We had a surplus when we came in, now we have record deficets.
by MrClean March 01, 2005
218 47