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87 definitions by MrClean

1. The mayor of New Orleans.
2. The man who showed the world that George Bush was full of it following hurricane Katrina.
3. The Democratic version of Pat Robertson.
Pat Roberston, meet Ray Nagin. This is the guy who said that Katrina was the result of God being mad at us.
by MrClean January 18, 2006
1. People that use violence and behave poorly towards other people.
2. Another description of the average Republican.
3. George W. Bush.
The word thug is an entierly accurate description of most Republicans, especially Bush and his friends.
by MrClean March 22, 2006
The Republican's favorite whipping boy, so to speak. Something a Republican accuses anything that he or she opposes of being part of in order to excuse their racsist and homophobic attitudes. Especially if it involves taking care of the most vulnerable amongst us. They will toss this accusation even if the thing they oppose has nothing to do with homosexuality.
Human rights has been named as part of gay agenda by Republicans.
by MrClean February 26, 2006