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Mean, angry, violent sex. This can take the form of dominatrix. However, it most commonly involves the use of handcuffs, various positions, and several painful, but sexual, acts.
After breaking up with my girlfriend, I met up with some girl for tyrannosaurus sex.
by MrChocolateShakes March 01, 2011
adjective. Describes the utter destruction following a rough night of sexual intercourse.

verb. Past tense of fornicate; to engage in premarital sexual intercourse
Last night, Mr. Chocolate Shakes committed a blastassination in downtown Detroit. Police deemed the scene highly fornicated.
by MrChocolateShakes January 13, 2012
The simultaneous wear of Ugg boots and a North Face jacket. Commonly, an UggFace will tuck her pants into her boots.
Tiffany, Julie, and Eden were visiting the mall when they observed a group of UggFaces enter Victoria's Secret.
by MrChocolateShakes January 13, 2012
Sexual favors that follow meeting a girl at Panera Bread. Such activity typically succeeds the consumption of a "You Pick Two" meal, complemented by somewhat intellectual conversation. Obviously, it is of great utility to dress, talk, and act like a liberal. This means donning a scarf and using a MacBook computer.
Mr. Chocolate Shakes swapped the baguette for some Panera Head. Afterwards, he bought an oatmeal cookie from the bakery.
by MrChocolateShakes January 13, 2012
A huge, ripped, and built Native American.
I was at Texas Roadhouse in Colorado Springs when I saw a picture of a Schwarzenative on the wall. I was like, "That Schwarzenative would kick my ass."
by MrChocolateShakes March 01, 2011
Undisclosed sexual favors for the sake of human survival. This includes, but is not limited to, blow jobs, hand jobs, and basic intercourse. Of course, these actions are dependent upon the exchange of copious amounts of Bud Light.
Mr Chocolate Shakes, Old Man Prez, and their buddies surrendered themselves to shramplication with extraterrestrial, spandex-wearing females for the survival of Earth.
by MrChocolateShakes March 01, 2011
The belief - and common misconception - that one is thug while wearing a North Face jacket or Ugg boots. The donning of both is greatly distasteful, earning the title UggFace.
A couple of NorThuggs toured the mall to find expensive NewEra hats. During their departure from the building, a schwarzenative kicked their asses and took their hats.
by MrChocolateShakes January 13, 2012
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