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Meaning that every good thing has something bad about it, the negative term for every cloud has a silver lineing.
Every rose has its thorn
Just as every night has its dawn
Just like every cowboy sings a sad,sad song
Every rose has its thorn

-every rose has its thorn by Poison
by MrBrownstone April 29, 2005
Worlds greatest dectevive
batman saves the people of the united states millions dollars every year in recovering stolen money/diamonds/faberge eggs.
by MrBrownstone March 20, 2005
1. Also known as a San Fran, a person who acts like an asshole for no reason at all

2. Someone who does something extremely irrational
1. Let me inside the club you Sanfransico Cocksucker

2. What do you mean you arent going to drive me to the game? Quit being a San Fransisco Cocksucker.
by MrBrownstone June 21, 2005
Any music that doesn't completely rely on a computer.
Oh man, Timmy Trumpet has a lot of musical talent!
Nah, he can suck my asshairs.
by mrbrownstone February 11, 2015
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