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Possibly one of the greatest djs of all time.
The only white dj to be loved by all races and forms of life
being one of the only humans to sell over

450,000,000 albums it's no wonder he was listed on forbes as
"shyt this nigguh needs he own ratin system"
with record sales on his best album
- IMM ( I make music) , equaling up to 2.4$ billion
he's also one of the most respected people on earth wig achevments including -
27 Grammy awards
45 vma's
first man on mars
fastest beatboxer (7345 wpm)
679,451,984 myspace friends
GQs best dressed 5 years in a row
336,964,100 facebook fans
owns oprah
12 black roles royces
advisor for neptune
first man to climb mt. Everest bearfoot
invented the term: pwn3d.
Verticle jump of 73 inches
40 time of - 3.84
invented the most expensive chunk of bling to be worn
Person1-Damn did you see Yumwum's performance lastnight?

Person2- yeah man I didn't know you could make it rain enough to drown the audience
by Mr.Yum June 28, 2010
come from the words. iPod and Microsoft


The isoft is what happens when a power hungry turtle neck (steve jobs) and a bottlecap glasses homophobe (bill gates)

put aside the hate for each other in an attempt to enslave humanity the isoft has one function -seek out inteligent life and consume.

The isoft works in the simple way of being used as tolietpaper-
the user wipes his ass with the durable,non stainable , polyfiber composite.
When contact between saids asshole and the isoft paper is met the isoft releases tine nanobots to invade the users nervous system instaling pointless software such as
windows 7 , java , Microsoft exel , imovie , safari

and many more.
Once the nanobots have finished the programs are booted up and now the individual is under the command of the

mega- billjobz zord.
Man- once those isoft nanobots reach the ass it's all over...

Woman- how do we stop them once there inside?

Man- you tuck your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye
by Mr.yum June 28, 2010
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