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An acronym standing for Bitches Aint Shit. Originating from the Dr Dre hit song "Bitches Aint Shit". A term used to show that you just dont care whutta hoe think cuz u gonna keep pimpin on even though your just a white guy. Also used when a hoe is hating on your ass you just say listen here hoeee bitches aint shit and dont make me tell you again bitch or YOUSA gonna get backhanded. But its mainly an overall way of life...the BAS life means your just gonna keep on getting the pussy even though those skanks be hatin on a playa.
Girl: Jon (not to be mistake with the gay spelling j-o-h-n) were through i hate you how could you cheat on me with my mom?
Jon: bitch what r u talking about? BAS and that means YOU.
Girl: cowers in fear from being back handed.

thats how we do.
by Mr.Tuesday....bitch December 08, 2009

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