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Random Exclamation, many uses; exclamation, quizzical, ice breaker, usually used out of randomness to annoy friends / family / enemys / random people.
*George walks into a crowded area seeking attention* "SHROOMARANG!" whole room turns to look at George; mothers escort children away from George.

Jill: "George, answer me honestly...do you like me?"
George: "Shroomarang?" *runs away* *Jill is very confused*

Ice Breaker:
*George is at a company party in a small room, many people. He releases gas loudly, all noise ceases*
George: "Shroomarang!" *party returns to normal*

*George is conversing with a friend on an Instant Messenger*
Georgio114: shroomarang shroomarang shroomarang shroomarang
megame2b: STFU
Gorgio114: shroomarang =)

There are many uses for "Shroomarang"....

How do you Shroomarang?
by Mr.Smyley November 22, 2005

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