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2 definitions by Mr.Shiny

A person who loves the winter and christmas holidays. They would not change it ever. They love the snow, the cold and everything else about winter. It is the opposite of Mr.Green Christmas. This can also be seen in a Miser Brothers Christmas.
Bill: wanna go to Hawaii for the holidays.

Bert: no, I'll stay and play in the snow.

Bill: Alright, Mr.White Christmas.
by Mr.Shiny December 23, 2008
7 2
A person who always wants christmas to be greener and more summer-like. Cette person is ussually grumpy or angry. They don't like the cold or snow. The opposite of Mr.White Christmas. Also seen in the Miser Brothers Chritmas.
Happy Fellow: Hey, you wanna come play in the snow?

Grumps: no! I hate the snow.

Happy Fellow: Suit yourself, Mr.Green Christmas.
by Mr.Shiny December 23, 2008
6 4