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2 definitions by Mr.JT

When you are having sex with a girl without protection and you pull out too late and create a long thin piece of cum that resembles a hot glue gun.
I was screwing her so hard i forgot to pull out in time and gave her a hot glue gun.
by Mr.JT July 15, 2012
Barney Stinsons A.K.A.

Mr. Awesome, The Barnacle, Barn Door,

The Stinstonian, Swarley, Swarles (Barkley),

B-Dawg, Stinson-natti, Barnman, Nestor Diaz or B-Nasty

From How I Met Your Mother Favourite Word.

He has said "Tonights going to be Legen-Wait For It... DARY! LEGENDARY!"
A Bunch of times throughout the entire series.
Barney: Tonight s going to be Legen-Wait For It... DARY! LEGENDARY!
Barney: It's going to be legen-- wait for it-- and I hope you're not lactose intolerant, because the second half of the word is-- dairy! Legendary!
Barney: We're building an igloo in Central Park. It's going to be legendary! Snow suit up
Barney: Its going to be legen. wait for it- (end of Season 2)
Barney: -dary! (start of Season 3)
Barney: Tonight is gonna be legen-- wait are we sure it's a good idea to go to a strip club.. Shut up Lily I'm in charge now-- dary!
Barney: Tonight is going to be legen... it's the night we stole a camel... which means it'll be full of drama... dary. Dromedary!
Barney: It's gonna be legen- I'm not waitin' for it any longer
Quinn: (after sex) Dary!
Barney : This wedding is gonna be legendary!
Robin: No "wait for it"?
Barney: I've got you. I don't have to wait for it anymore.
by MR.Jt November 16, 2013