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When a man and a woman engage in cunnilingus in a particular manner.
The man must be big burley and have a large beard. During said oral sex, the man must "motorboat" the woman's vaginal area.
Guy 1: Hey did you see Tom at the last party at Jay's spot?
Guy 2: No why?
Guy 1: Oh dude Tom grew this huge beard and totally gave this drunk hottie a downtowner!
Guy 2: That rocks bro!
by Mr.Digg July 13, 2010
A version of the Downtowner. This act once again involves a big, burley, bearded man and a woman and the act of oral sex on a woman. The aforementioned oral sex must be performed on a sex swing, play ground swing, or pulley and harness system suspending male and female in mid air. This if executed properly will end in a sixty nine position and motorboating should occur.
Guy 1: Tom is a freaking genius!
Guy 2: This again...
Guy 1: Yeah! Tom pulled a downtown airporter.
Guy 2: Really? With this weird sex stuff again? Why am I not suprised?
Guy 1: Oh for sure, He totally Downtown airportered this girl rock climbing last week. I saw his pictures of it on the internet.
Guy 2: Dude you really need a life.
by Mr.Digg July 13, 2010

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