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Shit Blister (verb)

A perverse and often misunderstood act of sexual deviancy - When a consenting couple plan to copulate in the near future, they prepare for the act of intercourse by passing faeces into a condom. Once safely inside the condom, the faecal matter is drawn into a needleless syringe. Replacing the needle, the stool is injected into the epidermis and left for three days. Once the faecal matter has caused a minor infection, and the blister is deemed 'ripe', the lovers are ready. Copulating in the position commonly known as "doggy-style" when one partner reaches climax, he/she bites into the "shitblister", orgasming while his/her mouth is filled with their own faeces and a substantial quantity of puss from their lover's body's attempt at dealing with the infection. Best not tried without prior experience, not, repeat, not for amateurs.
"Those freaks enjoyed making shit blisters when having sex"
by Mr.Blister September 21, 2007
A person (most commonly an administrator of a site) who likes to delete other people's posts. It's not always warranted deletions, but sometimes they're deleted because they don't follow some set of lame guidelines that has no relevance to the real world, but always gives the deletist a reason to erase facts and interesting comments for his own pleasure. These people are most frequently found on sites like wikipedia.
"That annoying deletist has yet again deleted my repeated attempts to add information for wikifascism on wikipedia!"
by Mr.Blister September 21, 2007

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