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Most of the people you know and see. Also known as: wiggers, phonies.
See that white kid with his pant's down to his knees and the philly hat? He's a poser.
by Mr. si November 18, 2006
A multi-use expression. Can be used in any plausible situation. prounounced "big" you're nose is big. "alee" as in happ"ily" or crap"ily", "boo" as in BOO! scared you.
anger: you bigalee boogalee bastard.
surprise: oh my bigalee boogalee, a horse, oh thank you daddy!
happiness: i got my paycheck today, bigalee boogalee!
as a cuss word: big**ee boog**ee!
by Mr. si November 18, 2006

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