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A total asshole who doesn't actually give a shit about any problems he has caused.
Boy 1: "I slept with your girlfriend."
Boy 2: "You're such a fucking Tony Heyward! Go to hell."
Boy 1: "I'm Sorrrry."
Boy 2: "Fuck off."
by Mr. Word Knower October 31, 2010
The moment when you finally realize that a poem actually has a significant meaning.
While reading "Acquainted with the Night" by Robert Frost, Jacob had an epoemphany and his understanding of the poem changed forever.
by Mr. Word Knower October 31, 2010
The process of muting a Rebecca Black YouTube video to be able to masturbate to it.
Father: "Son, I feel like we need to talk about something..." Son: "Dad I saw you doing some masturblacktion last night."
Father: "Don't tell your mother."
by Mr. Word Knower July 22, 2011
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