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A medium sized, North American snake that typically grows around 4ft long and can be found in the US and Mexico. Their normal prey is rodents although young will more likely eat lizards such as anoles. They can live up to 15 years although this is uncommon in the wild.
Around about the middle of the last century, corn snakes entered the pet trade and are now the most popular pet snake. This is due to easy breeding and care and a nice temperament. Most experts recommend corn snakes for beginners for these reasons.
Corn snakes are now available in literally hundreds of morphs (breeds) and in just about every country where it's legal.
Corn snakes make good pets.
by Mr. Willy November 07, 2007
A pipey, gassy thing that goes BRRRRTTT BRRRRTTT and pisses everyone off.
Hold on, i need to test my new air horn
by Mr. Willy November 07, 2007
A cutty, slicy thing.
What the fuck is a stanley knife?
Why, it's a cutty slicy thing, havn't you been on urban dictionary recently?
by Mr. Willy November 07, 2007
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