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Something to be used and discarded. An object that is treated such as trash. Junk, crap, shit. Basically anything that is worth nothing.
Why do broads treat me like trash? Do i deserve it?
#trash #junk #obese #trashy #pigheaded #wannabee
by Mr. Vitale December 06, 2007
a guy who likes to wrap his pretty lil mouth round my penis. I love getting pleased by a cock sucker. Bald head preferred. I love him suck my meat.
Michael knows how to suck my pole , hes a great cock sucker.
#cocks #penis #gay #homosexual #dicks
by Mr. Vitale December 27, 2007
Very overweight. Large, huge, takes up a lot of space. A big guy like myself. Ingested too many calories along with a thyroid problem and now im obese.
Dont make fun of the obese. Its a serious glandular condition.
#nasty #obese #pig #trash #weight #large
by Mr. Vitale December 06, 2007
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