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The new Republican National Convention Chairman.
Reince Priebus? I thought that was something you do before entering a public pool.
by Mr. Stanturf January 19, 2011
Taking cuddling to the next level. The kind of cuddling that is the next closest thing to making babies. Beware, as this type of cuddling is dangerous for most normal humans.
Mike: "Dude, Marlee and I had some super intense cuddling last night."

Joe: "Nice. There's not much better than some good I.C."
by Mr. Stanturf November 27, 2011
In reference to Snakes On A Plane, an expression of sympathy for a bad situation. Another way of saying "that sucks."
Michael: Dude I got Alaskan Pipe Bombed last night.

Aaron: Snakes to ya bro.
by Mr. Stanturf May 18, 2011
1. Going into the back room under the pretense of practicing the bassoon. However, the perpetrator proceeds to smoke the devil's lettuce, usually using the bassoon as a bong.

2. A euphemism for smoking pot.
Taylor: What were you doing back there?

Ben: Just practicing the bassoon.

Taylor: Oh. Gotcha ;)
by Mr. Stanturf September 09, 2011
1: A phrase used to express nonchalant disregard for a situation.

2: A phrase used in any and every situation when you have nothing else better to say.
Abhinav: "I'm having a baby"

Aaron: "Put it on my tab"

Taylor: "Hey guys, lets go eat at El Mezcal"

Aaron: "Put it on my tab"

Henry: "You're a douchebag"

Aaron: "Put it on my tab"
by Mr. Stanturf May 18, 2011

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