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Bongunism is the political ideology which promotes the equalisation of society by mass-bakeage. The belief originated in the ancient land of Tokeopia, with Karl Sparx and N. Joe's social schematics. In a series of tests, the pair concluded that smoking loads of dope was indeed lots of fun, and believed that an entire society could be based around the act. Bongunism was picked up by revolutionaries who formed the Bongunist Party, the leading party in the Union of Stonerland and Tokeopia.
"Comrades, you shall give your lives for Bongunism!"
by Mr. Stab November 10, 2007
Extremely powerful weapon which, upon impact, creates a magic mushroom cloud and causes everybody to get high and listen to Bob Marley.
"It's an Atom Bong! The night has been saved!"
by Mr. Stab June 07, 2004
The Bongunist Party is the international political party which supports the ideology of Bongunism. They are also the official ruling party in the Union of Stonerland and Tokeopia. The Bongunist Party believes that all classes should unite in tokeing the Holy Herb.
"Would you like to joint he Bongunist Party, comrade? Free ghanja!"
"No, get lost leecher!"
by Mr. Stab November 10, 2007
The eastern constituent country of the Union of Stonerland and Tokeopia. It is reknowned for its relaxed laws and attitudes, tasty and widely available munch, cultural love of uber-comfy sofas and extensive use of cannabis sativa.
"I'm sooooo going to Stonerland on holiday this year!"
by Mr. Stab November 10, 2007
A military conflict which occured in the peaceful territories of Stonerland and Tokeopia from 2003 to 2005. The allied sovereign states were invaded by swarms of evil pig monsters, and various other malformed combatants.

The Bongunist Party was instated as a unified emergency war government in Tokeopia, appointing the now-legendary Doob Squad responsible for major combat operations against the pig army. The Doob Squad fought for control over much of both regions, most notably the Ghanja Heritage Base in Tokeopia, and the "Compound" (Area 69) and the "Birdshit" (Birdensheissen) airfield in Stonerland.

The Doob Squad succeeded in annihilating the pig/monster opposition, and after strategic use of the newly-discovered Atom Bong in 2004, the Stoner War resulted in the unification of the involved territories into the Union of Stonerland and Tokeopia.
"Y'know, I fought back in the Stoner War..." "You need a life! Now!"
by Mr. Stab November 10, 2007
The Doob Squad was the mighty fighting force which annihilated the evil pig/monster invaders during the infamous Stoner War. They continue to operate and spread the will of the Bongunist Party in various locations. The four leading heroes of Doob Squad are Bud Commander Generals Jay, Stab, Space Age and Belgianoid BETA (Cybernetic Organism).
"Ey! The Doob Squad gonna come after joo, bitch!"
by Mr. Stab November 10, 2007
Solvent abuse is one of the Western world's oldest pasttimes. Solvents such as superglue and aerosol propellant are usually inhaled by using either a bag or through a towel.
(Mother walks into bedroom; son is sat over a bag full of whiteout with three cans of air-freshener on bed.)
Mom: What the fuck are you doing?!
Son: I'm practicing ballet! What the fuck do you think I'm doing, bitch?"
by Mr. Stab June 10, 2004

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