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An extremely large male, beyond gifted at baseball yet also has tendencies to display random acts of confusion, sometimes appearing to be in a black out state or suffering from severe retardation.
Bob: Did you see that first baseman hit for the cycle last night?? Amazing!!

Joe: Yeah, but when he tried to bat for the wrong team while wearing a cape and a Santa Claus cap I knew we were seeing a Bigrichie!

Bob: Hey batter batter!
by Mr. Squanky August 07, 2008
The saddest team in MLB history. With ownership devoid of even one baseball savvy mind, goals that do not involve winning, and a fan base that packs the stadium on Ichiro Bobble Head Night, this team is poised to be the first in MLB to lose 100 games while sporting a $100 million dollar payroll.
Devin: Are you taking the family to watch the Mariners tonight? It's Richie Sexson golf club night ya know.

Todd: Along with my family I'm taking some clients also. Should be a great function tonight, I can't wait to get some Rally Fries!

by Mr. Squanky August 07, 2008

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