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When spelt without the space, this means: Acting in the manner of someone in support of people pretending to be against the new movement against the people against the seperation of church and state. One of the longest words in english.
Mr. Jones: Hello
Mr. Smith: propsuedocontraneoantidisestablish mentarianalistically!
Mr. Jones: STFU
by Mr. Smith November 21, 2004
The word Cup Holded refers to a bitch holding you beer, to the cup holder in a car or bike.
Bitch Give me that beer. Hey bro pass the cup in the holder
by Mr. Smith January 09, 2004
There is no such thing as a baFtub, u idiots. Say it right...BaTHtub baTH th ttthhhhh!!!!! Bathtub! Uh duh! there is no such thing as a baFFtub!
Bathtub, a common appliance one uses to bath and cleanse oneself in.
by mr. smith December 15, 2003
a huge fag
god, that guy is such a donko.
by mr. smith January 27, 2004

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