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1.) People of the nation Italy.
2.) The center of the Renaissance, which brought Europe out of the Dark Ages.
3.) Makers of fine automobiles.
4.) Hot chicks.
5.) And a badass bowl of pasta.
6.) Got taken over by that cockless son of a bitch, Mussolini, who got his when his ass was HANGED FROM A LIGHTPOST after some Italians decided they'd had enough of his shit.
7.) Not hairy, retards.
8.) Yeah, we do kick ass, thank you.
The Irish and Scots disrespectin' us again? Get my tommy gun Tony...
by Mr. Shmallow February 11, 2004
1.) Hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings. Wears number 19, and is the teams Captain and has been for over a decade.

2.) A living legend. One of the top five best men to ever play the game. He has accumulated over 1700 points in his illustrious career, and is still going strong.

3.) A strong, determind man. He fights through injuries and pain and scoring droughts with dignity.

4.) A true champion.
1.) There's Steve Yzerman... he shoots, he scores!

2.) Holy cow, what a career this man has had.

3.) In game 56 Stevie Y was hit with a high stick in the face, lost one tooth, and bashed four others in--he needs to wear braces for the next 6 weeks to see if he can salvage them. And you know what? He played in game 57.

4.) There's Steve Yzerman with the Stanley Cup.
by Mr. Shmallow February 13, 2004
A time where you waste $5 on a card for your girlfriend. Shortly thereafter it is forgotten and gathering dust on some mantle somewhere, and it's back to the usual routine: "Now what have you done for me lately?"
Valentine's Day is for suckers.
by Mr. Shmallow February 13, 2004
The championship match-up between the AFC and NFC conference winners in the game of (American) football. The event and, to a greater degree, the sport in general, is often referred to with disdain by pissy Europeans who attack it for no other reason than to be "better than America", probably because no one in America watches soccer. Boo fucking hoo.
Europeans pissed and moaned about Superbowl XXXVIII because Americans would rather watch the Patriots and the Panthers play then Ecuador and Australia.
by Mr. Shmallow February 03, 2004
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