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7 definitions by Mr. Shista

a shady or shisty person; anyone that seems suspect

a person involved in shady activities or suspicious affairs

underhanded, sneaky, sketchy

something that makes you scratch your head because you can't belive some did that or an incident just happened

somone who steals, esp for fun

v. jacked, stole, took, ran someone's shit
Yo that kids a shista man; I heard he got caught for stealing socks just last week.

OK, who shista'd my records!

Shista shisty shady took my shit again!

Fucking shista, man, always doing some shit...
by Mr. Shista August 31, 2006
To give an counterfeit appearance of capital- be it social or economic- via pictures, fake “hype” friends and bullshit stories

Shameless self-promotion due to a lack of personality, self-confidence and friends

Making yourself out to be something your not because of an inability to reach personal aspirations

Did you see that bitches mysapce? She completly lola'd that shit with the yacht and jet pics! I've known her since elementary school when she'd get dropped off in the family hotwheels.

Yo, that shit was lola'd. She had pictures of her in front of THEhotel, but I dropped that bitch of at the Ramada!

You can't trust that bitch, she's straight lola'd out, mein. She told me the other day she always chills with Jay, but meanwhile I saw her get kicked out of 40/40 last night after sneaking in the kitchen entrance.
by Mr. Shista August 31, 2006
when it's too cold outside to do anything, let alone move in your apartment (combination of miserable and freezing)

no joke miz freeze is when you can't even fuck with the weather it's so bad

miz blizz is when it's miz freeze and a bliding blizzard (or the coming of a blizzard)
There's no way I'm going to bulls in this miz freeze shit

Have you seen the weather? It's going to be no joke MIZ FREEZE

Yo, are you going to work in this miz blizz? The subway is going to be fucking disgust

Yo, look out the window...it's the most miz blizz I've ever seen

It's gonna be a miz blizz tomorrow
by Mr. Shista August 31, 2006
getting choked in the gullet
Yo, that kid just got hersleyed!!
by Mr. Shista August 31, 2006
stands for Major Rudie; can be used as a description or name
Yo MR, stop being such a bitch and finish this bag with me

She totally knew you fucked her boyfriend; she was being a complete MR during that whole conversation. She needs to just deal.
by Mr. Shista August 31, 2006
the dopest or hottest girl in a place
Oh, shit, look over there; ciroc is definitly in the building.
by Mr. Shista August 31, 2006
To break or destroy something with the intention of solving an issue or problem

Throwing a the initial blow in a fight t o ensure 1) you won’t be hit first 2) you’ll get at least one solid hit after anticipating shit is about to go down

Headbutting someone it the head in front of all his boys, emasculating and reducing the opponent to a complete joke
Yo, he pulled a Sage on the ATM becuase it ate his credit card, and now he's in mexican prison!

SO these kids called them bitches, and before you knew it they got saged; half of them were on the pavement crying while the other half started running through Lechester square!

Did you see what Sage did to that kid at Jonny's last night?!
by Mr. Shista August 31, 2006