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Your left big toe.
Dammit! I think I just broke my arniverous construct!
by Mr. Shazbot May 18, 2004
"For Sure"... White version of "Fo Shizzle" or "Fo Sho"
-Can I have a bite of your cheese sandwich?
-Fo Shagenoff, my white brethren
by Mr. Shazbot May 18, 2004
Can mean anything you want it to. It can be used to replace words that you would get in trouble for.
Stop touching your treenie and get your treenie outside you fucking treenberg. (cock, ass, dipshit)
by Mr. Shazbot May 18, 2004
The best website in the world.
Wakeskate for life!
Fluidusa.com is the shizzle
by Mr. Shazbot May 18, 2004
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