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The gesture of masturbating in the air, invariably male in orientation, and usually expressing a lack of impression or excitement. Often shown with asterisks bracketing indicating action, like so:


Not to be confused with *air-rub*.
A: I'll bet you five bucks you can't get a date with that fat chick over there.

B: *air-wank* Are you kidding me? I've got a whole cooler full of Ben & Jerry's in the car when the truffles in my pocket run out.
by Mr. Scumbag to you February 18, 2010
The act of anal masturbation with one's own finger, thumb or fingers. Can be a male or female.
Frankie Bones loves himself so much, he is known to dial his own number while driving.
by Mr. Scumbag to you November 09, 2011

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