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The idea of complete and utter destruction of reality as we know it. which isnt to far fetched in the world we live in today. either were going to blow our asses apart with the way to many nuclear and hydrogen bombs that everybody has. or the mayan prediction will come true. Also some believe in the Metalocalypse which is the ending of reality by the means of Metal, Mainly by the band Dethklok. I honestly dont believe in an apolcalypse. I believe we are killing ourselves but the human race is so stuck up that were going to blame it on other things, like global warming, or an apocolypse, but in reality its gonna be us that brings the end of all things
Scientist 1-I have completed a bomb that can blow up half the world and cause an Apocalypse

Scientist 2-lets use it on some country that we dont even have a reason for fighting.
by Mr. Satan666 October 19, 2009

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