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when a large black woman inserts a chinese man's whole head into her open vagina.
For her final act, Big Bertha Brown delivered Charlie Kwang his first disappearing eggroll.
by Mr. Ricky's Neighborhood July 04, 2004
same as dirty sanchez except finger swipe is applied to both eyebrows.
ref: brother to bert.
Jim was always a fan of Sesame street so it was no surprise to Linda when after making whoopie, she discovered to her dismay that she was given a dirty ernie.
by Mr. Ricky's Neighborhood July 09, 2004
A carnivorous cigarette fiend who circles around and raids dirty ashtrays; smoking every reminent cigarette down to the bare filter. They hover by outdoor ashtrays hoping someone leaves a morsel of a stog for their smoking pleasure. This person has no fear of herpes or any lip born disease. They will vulture any cigarette regardless of brand, type, or cleanliness.
Dirty Barry waited anxiously on top of the building for his moment. Poor Nancy became his prey. Nancy put out her cigarette at the waste recepticle where Barry was lurking. Barry then swooped in, attacked the used Kool Light, smoking it to the bone. Nancy looked at Barry in disgust and said "You Dirty Stog Vulture". Nancy did have the last laugh as she forget to apply her Valtrex(1) that day.

footnote (1) Valtrex Prevents Spreading Herpes/Warts
by Mr. Ricky's Neighborhood December 09, 2005
When you bend over and tuck your balls so they appear to hang from your asshole much resembling a turkeys neck.
TJ bent over and gave us all The Turkey.
by Mr. Ricky's Neighborhood December 17, 2005
when you have diarrhea outdoors and while you are poohing you spin around in circles.
although marty was surrounded he was still able to defeat several of his foes by administering a brown helicopter.
by Mr. Ricky's Neighborhood July 04, 2004
the physical act of taking a shit. Usually after suffering from constipation for several days.
1:John made plomp all over Mary's bare head.

2:when i was sitting in the park there was some plomp on the floor next to me.
by Mr. Ricky's Neighborhood July 04, 2004
A rare condition that a woman develops when she has sex with an indian man from india, in which a trace of spice is left residing on her Mango Lassi.
Khandakurra made love to Mary and the next day she suffered from a severe case of currycunt.
by Mr. Ricky's Neighborhood July 04, 2004

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