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What some insultingly call Call of Duty 4. First seen on the series "Arby 'n' the Chief."
(Master Chief hands Arbiter a poorly-improvised copy of Call of Duty 4)
Arbiter: (dumbfounded) What in Christ's name is this?
Master Chief: Cock of Doody 4: Modern Gayfuckstupid
by Mr. Pie March 01, 2008
The guy in a group around a fireplace that uses a long metal stick to adjust the position of the log. Commonly found in fireplace videos.
"Hey, I saw someone's hand on the fireplace video!"
"Yeah, that's the poker man"
by Mr. Pie August 25, 2006
A post-1980's discotheque.
Jack: Hey Mark, wanna go to the disco?

Mark: Dude, Jack, it's freaking 2007. That place's a Saturday night plague and has been for at least 17 years.
by Mr. Pie June 23, 2007
In Call of Duty (4 onwards), the excitement one feels when entering Prestige mode. Wears off quickly when one finds the restriction of weapons, perks, and the like to be mundane.
xxNoobKillerxx: Hey, nice emblem, is that 2nd prestige?

Fragman420: 3rd actually. Prestige is a bit boring though, by level 12 I'm usually off the Prestige Prozac.
by Mr. Pie January 29, 2010
1. A shortened version of the word "barbecue"

2. An Internet slang term for things such as Be Back, Queers, Better be Quick, and Bitch Be Quiet, among other terms.
1. Let's go to that BBQ over at Lenny's house!

2. Phil: The game's starting. BBQ.
Annoying Person: *starts raving and whining, generally pissing everyone off*
Phil: BBQ, Annoying Person. Uh oh, the missus is calling. BBQ.
by Mr. Pie May 29, 2007
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