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Doing the devil's work
Dad " Hiya son! Whatcha Doing?"

Son " I'm doing Geometry! "

Dad " Why you little shit... this is a christian family! That's it! Your getting crucified!
by Mr. Peyote March 05, 2011
When a male receives an erection inside a shower full of men.
Wrestler 1 " Hey, I think someone's poking me!"

Wrestler 2 " I think it's just your imagination."

Wrestler 1 (turns around) "NO IT'S NOT! YOU HAVE A faggy shaggy!!!!"

Wrestler 2 " Look, I can explain this..."

Wrestler 3 " There's nothing to explain you got a faggy shaggy!"

Wrestler 2 (running out of shower, crying) "What gives you the right to judge me?!?"
by Mr. Peyote March 05, 2011
Any martial arts deriving from Asia
Asian 1 " Just leave me alone!"

Group of rednecks " Not until you open your eyes like a normal person!"

Asian 1 "Please I don't want any trouble"

Rednecks "Well you got some" (Redneck Punches)\

(Asian blocks, and round kicks him, knocking him out cold)

Redneck 1 "Shit! Crazy bitch knows chink fighting!"

Redneck 2 " I'm going back to the pickup truck!"
by Mr. Peyote March 05, 2011
Masturbating to a Kevin Bacon movie
Person 1 "Is that the song Footloose I hear?"

Person 2 " Get out of my room! Don't you knock?"

Person 1 " Oh my god! You were mozzling the toff weren't you?"

Person 2 " What I do on Wednesday afternoons is my business."
by Mr. Peyote March 05, 2011
N. A gay 15-year old boy who gets lots of Faggy Shaggies. And who loves to open the yak.... ALOT!
Person 1: "Help! Help!"

Person 2: "What's going on in there?"

Person 1: " There's a Savage Ghost whos shimmershamming and opening the yak all over the place
by Mr. Peyote March 28, 2011
V. to attempt to give yourself an abortion with no medical experience whatsoever
Redneck 1 "I ain't gonna payin' for no abortion! C'mon honey, lets plunge the sponge!"

Redneck 2 "your too fucking drunk to drive, let alone this shit!"

Redneck 1 (Chainsaw revs) "bend over bitch!"
by Mr. Peyote March 05, 2011

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