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Hard core fucking awesome wet-ass throbbing pussy with my cock in it.
when i got home from work, my gf answered the door. the said "hello" in a really sexy tone of voice. she had no cloths on. My dick started to curve towards her, ready to achieve maximum penetration. She led me to the bedroom where she threw herself down on the bed and lifted up her legs. She had shaved it. I stared at the wet, throbbing, pink pussy, and immediately started to eat it away. she screamed pleasureably "oh, yes, OH YES! EAT AWAY AT IT SOOO HAARRDD!!!!" I licked, nibbled and strokes her expoed cunt. I kept this up for about five minutes while the whole time my cock was in her mouth in a 69. She twrilled her tongue around my cock, while i was deep-throating her, shoving it in and out of her mouth so good. Then, i turned around, lifter her legs higher, and dove in. It was heaven. my throbbing cock rubbing to fucking awesomely on her pussy wall. she was groaning so so hard. I started to speed up. in and out and in and out. her moist shaved clitoris look ready to explode. then, i threw my hands into the mess as well. About five minutes into that hardcore fuckfest, i came. hard. it sprayed her mouth. hy fists clenches, and i closed my eyes. it was so good. she let me sparay her face and mouth, then she took the last bit of it off of my cock and swallowed it. it ended with a hard-ass rocking hand job. Best. Night. Ever.
by Mr. Perv June 07, 2010

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