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A small farm town that treasures its fertile land and women. Currently has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the nation and air quality that makes LA seem clean. Its inhabitants’ offspring typically get educated at schools that battle over cow hides and drink in abandon fields, typically close to ditches. Visalians are classified as those who leave or those who stay. Those that leave can be found in random of places through out the world.
You are from Visalia? Where the hell is that?
by Mr. Pelota October 12, 2005
A well known home building company that has bloodlines tracing back to prehistoric turtles. This acute relationship causes their real estate agents to consume copious amounts of Prozac, hide in shells and have an overwhelming tendency to over promise and under deliver.

It can also be used as an adjective, describing when things go completely wrong.
Hey what did Beazer say about your home? Don't worry about it, eveything is fine.

I hope things don't go Beazer on you!

by Mr. Pelota February 25, 2008

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