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An unfunny individual who tells horrible jokes, causing listeners to respond with cricket sounds.
The fat body was a cricketeer and told the worst jokes ever.
by Mr. Panda's Rim December 17, 2011
An obese individual who engages in sexual activities with minors.
The pedofatto lured children into his car while eating a cheeseburger.
by Mr. Panda's Rim November 10, 2011
Pubic hair grown above the male genitalia that is groomed to form a specific design or appearance.
I shaved my penalstache because it made my dick itch.
by Mr. Panda's Rim December 09, 2011
The anus of an asian male whose anus has not been cleaned properly after defecation.
My manchina is sticky because I only wiped twice.
by Mr. Panda's Rim December 08, 2011
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