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A sexual act during which the woman's legs are held by the ankles and spread as far apart as possible, while ramming the cock into her with as much force as possible, making the woman fear she will be split in half.

If the act is performed correctly, the fuck profile should perfectly imitate the piston-action of a real log splitting machine.
"Hey Chris, Sherry was complaining all day at work that she was sore and could hardly walk...what did you do to her last night?"

"Well, she was talking shit about how much cock she could handle last night, so I put her ass in the log splitter until she started spraying female ejaculate all over the place in an uncontrolled fuck quiver."
by Mr. North April 21, 2009
1) A sexual term used to describe the nut sack being completely contained inside ones mouth creating an airtaight seal. (And great pleasure)

2) A defensive, derogatory, and somewhat threatening response used to impress your guy friends when your woman is not around and you want to talk shit to her.
During an awesome blowjob last night, my girl sucked up both of my balls at once and gave me a sack sandwich.

"Hey Chris...I heard your girl is pissed off because you went to the club last night without her. She said she was going to break up with you."

"Man fuck her. When I get home tonight I am going to serve her up a sack sandwich. Then we'll see what's up!"
by Mr. North April 18, 2009
A derogatory means of describing poor quality merchandise from the orient. Usually uttered while venting anger over the unwitting purchase of said goods.
Hey man, is that your new cell phone you bought off the internet?
Yeah, damn thing does not work!
Oh man, I thought it was brand new?
That's what I get for buying this fucking yanganese shit!!!
by Mr. North May 22, 2006
An insulting term to describe a fat nasty bitch that you spot in a club. The term itself when screamed makes the person speaking it appear crazy, and the victim never realizes that they have been called out as being nasty.
Russell and I were at the Electric Cowboy the other night, and it seemed like every girl that walked by was a fucking Shit Moose.
by Mr. North March 22, 2008
a stupid, dorky person. Usually someone you know who repeatedly displays this behavior.
Man, Keith got in a fight with the police, and they beat his ass again. Man, what a geetus
by Mr. North May 03, 2006

A person who consistently acts like a dumbass. A person who is a geeky nerd. A stupid person.
The reason our economy is such a wreck is because George Bush is a fucking geetus.
by Mr. North April 26, 2006
Ass Crumb with a Dumb Chick.

A increasing trend among women these days, you can be at the club, or any other social gathering and spot women that are generally good looking but yet are walking around with some stupid-ass punk that mistreats her in every possible way.

No readily availible explanation, unless these happen to be women with very low self esteem, and consider themslves lucky to have landed an Ass Crumb.
"Hey Buz, look at that fine ass girl over there...she could be a model. I don't understand why she keeps having to pay for the drinks for that flea-dicked little punk that is with her. He's not that good looking, seems pretty stupid, and obviously has no money. What gives?"

"AC/DC Man...That's all it is."


"Ass Crumb with a Dumb Chick"

"Oh man, that is awesome."

"Yeah, let's go beat his ass and then invite her for a threeway."
by Mr. North April 19, 2009
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