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Nickname for Spartanburg, South Carolina. Spartanburg is located at the intersection of Interstates 26 and 85. About 3+ hours from Atlanta, Georgia, 1.5+ hours from Charlotte, North Carolina, 1.5- hours from Columbia, South Carolina, and .5 hours from Greenville, South Carolina. Notable towns in Spartanburg County include Spartanburg, Inman, New Prospect, Little Africa, Pacolet, Converse, Cowpens, Chesnee, Greer, Reidville, Duncan, Lyman, Welford, Una, Grambling, Arcadia, Pauline, Mayo, Cross Anchor, Enoree, Woodruff, Glendale, Moore, Switzer, Boiling Springs, Campabello and Glen Springs.
Hey! Do you wanna go to Hotlanta this weekend?

Nah, I'm going to go kick it in Sparkle City.
by Mr. Moo Bovine August 20, 2007
The wrinkled, shrivled up appearance a long term smoker's mouth takes on. Typically seen on trashy women.
No matter how tight her jeans are she still can't get ride of that cigarette mouth.
by Mr. Moo Bovine August 19, 2007
A nickname for a shirt with a contrasting collar and cuffs, usually a blue shirt with white collar and white cuffs. Lee Iacocca started this fashion trend back in the 80's. This nickname developed as a result of the character Gordan Gecko wearing these types of shirt in the movie Wall Street. These shirts seem to phase in and out of style every few years.
Everyone has a Gecko in the back of their closet.
by Mr. Moo Bovine August 20, 2007
The type of hair you have naturally, not permed, colored, treated, etc. Free hair is preferred because outside of modest priced haircuts and shampoo, there is no cost.
My wife spends $100+ every five to six weeks getting her hair colored. This makes me really mad and I wish that she would just get free hair.
by Mr. Moo Bovine August 20, 2007
A description of feminine facial features or expressions on a man.
Hey do you know Joe? He didn't get that round mouth from eating square meals.
by Mr. Moo Bovine August 19, 2007
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