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2 definitions by Mr. MoBizzie

1. When someone starts to message you and write on your facebook wall with the intention of eventually having sex with you.

2. messaging someone on facebook to come over and have sex with you
Guy: "Hey, why would you go after her she's a tramp?"
Other Guy: "That girl didn't mean anything she was just a facebook booty call"
Guy: "Oh that's cool"

Girl: "Why do you keep messaging me on facebook?"
Guy: "Can't you see this is a facebook booty call?"
Girl: "Oh why didn't you say so. i'll be right over"
by Mr. MoBizzie November 17, 2009
1. When a ginger attemps to reproduce with non-gingers with the hope of making more gingers as their own form of terrorism.
Guy: "why is that ginger going around sleeping with every girl he can?"
Other Guy: "He's gingering"
Guy: "We got to stop him before the gingers take over the whole world"
by Mr. MoBizzie November 18, 2009