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An individual, who attempts to engage others socially, however cannot muster the wherewithal to keep the interaction going. Typically this person may approach you at say, a bar or your place of work, and start a conversation with you. After you respond, this individual may display the following behaviors:

-they give a quick one word response and proceed to stare at you silently
-they don't respond at all, instead they stand in place and nervously look around while whispering to themselves
-they take a deep breath having accomplished social interaction, yet not knowing what to do next, stand there and rub their hands on their pants while looking at you.
co-worker: "Hey, you! How was your weekend?"
you: "Pretty good! Watched the big game, hung out with some friends, kinda lulled around the house...you?"
co-worker: "good"...................(looks as if they will keep talking, but instead proceeds to stare at you silently. Now they stand in place looking around the room whispering to themselves......they take a deep breath....exhale....smacks their lips...goes back to silently staring at you. Rubs their hands on their pants.....still staring...nearly a minute has passed)
you: "Hey. Awkward Timmy...anything else I can help you with?"

co-worker: "nope-seeyalater." (quickly exits)
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by Mr. Migrant Son February 03, 2011
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