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When a male drops a steaming duker on across a female's chest (making a shit bridge over her tits (left nipple to right nipple)). After defacating, the male slides his penis between the breasts (usually accompanied by lubricant). The female then leans up and sucks on the head of the penis while it is in between her breasts, occasionally taking a nice taste or bite (if you will) of the wonderous log that the guy steamrolled on her chest.
I walked in on my mom being hot karla'd by my dad. It was very erotic, and smelled horrible.
by Mr. Man March 30, 2004
A large version of a shuriken that when folded up looks like a kunai is a commonly used ninja weapon and be deadly bur is usely used for cosplay purposes
A large shuriken used by many characters in naruto
by Mr. Man April 04, 2005
To poop out a hamster at least 4 times a week
Sage took a huge fuh doo doo
by MR. MAN November 28, 2013
It's when you have sex with a girl and finish in her mouth. She then snowballs her unaware boyfriend/husband while he sleeps.
Hey what's wrong? I woke up with cum in my mouth.......Oh you got a dirty kirty!
by Mr. man March 01, 2012
the fucking coolest, and strongest character in chaos(the COOLEST "race" in Warhammer) he is 855pts
hahahaha i have Archaon i shall WIN!!!!!
by Mr. Man May 14, 2004
people who wear every color of the rainbow in one day everyday.or an evil faction led by the dumb bitch crystal the rainbow crew puts a damper on everone who cross their path, if ran into avoid contact at all cost due to any hazardous or foriegn substances they may be carrying on them. the dumbest bitches most retarded annoying bitches of all time. words cant describe the feeling of hatred one may tend to feel toward the rainbow crew.
ali-frederick is joining the rainbow crew
kevin-good i dont like him anyway
darkside = rainbow crew
by mr. man June 01, 2004
Annoying Christian radio station, that does a pledge drive for like 3 months. If you are Christian, and wanna listen to a radio station that is also Christian, don't listen to K-Love, rather Air 1 and the Effect
K-LOVE has there pledge drive up again!
by MR. MAN November 30, 2013
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