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5 definitions by Mr. K

Atlantic Province of Canada. Collection of farmland, beaches, forests and towns around Halifax.
It's about 2-3 hours to Halifax once you get to Nova Scotia.
by Mr. K December 19, 2003
292 91
1) noun Atlantic Province in Canada, gateway to scenic Nova Scotia, majestic Quebec and Maine syn: Crossroads

2)A City in Jersey
1)We stayed overnight in New Brunswick, it was getting late, Quebec city could wait till morning.

2)We stayed over night in New Brunswick, it was getting late, New York City could wait til' morning.
by Mr. K December 19, 2003
108 40
A really disgusting act wherein a man takes dried-up, crumb-like feces and places them on a victim's forehead and crushes them with his dick.
I honestly hope no one has ever performed the sex act known as the coffeegrinder.
by Mr. K May 16, 2004
11 5
1)Poor man's metrosexual humorless Kefka.

2)The spirit of lunatic who died in failure doomed always to fail. (3 for 3 at last count)

3)A disease not unlike lycantropy where the afflicted turns into an insane goth with long gray hair and a longer sword with a fatal weakness to spiky haired blondes and their multistrike sword techniques.

4)The most anticlimatic 'final show down' ever.
1)Everything Seph allegedly did, Kefka did better and said awesomer things while doing them.

2)Sephiroth manifested and failed AGAIN? Gosh, I guess there's room for ANOTHER Final Fantasy 7 sequel.

3)Almost all the 'character development' of Sephiroth in the first two disks except for the flashbacks were actually dopplegangers. And THEY got away with because Cloud wasn't nearby at the time and/or he didn't learn omnislash.

4)"Alright! Finally... all that tension that has been playing out through the game... just Cloud and Sephiroth now... This is going to be a bloodba- what? One Omnislash and that's it? That kinda sucks."
by Mr. K October 21, 2006
112 107
A dysenteric version of the hot carl.
The only thing worst than a Saucy Carl is, uhh... let me get back to that.
by Mr. K May 16, 2004
7 2