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A man who scams the government by receiving disability payments for being in a wheelchair that he doesn't actually need. The guy in the chair will never go out in public without his wheel chair in fear of being caught for fraud. However, he can typically be seen walking and using his legs in the privacy of his house or his trailer. The guy in the chair will often refer to himself in the third person as the guy in the chair and will often try to gain sympathy from others for his "disability", even those that know he isn't actually disabled. The character Ray from the TV show Trailer Park Boys is the most prominent example of the guy in the chair.
Ray: Come on buddy, are you gonna give the guy in the chair a splash of liquor or what?
J-Roc: You don't even need the damn wheelchair Ray!

Julian: You headin down to the machines tonight Ray?
Ray: Yeah I sure am buddy. And somethin tells me the guy in the chair is gettin lucky tonight.
by Mr. Jim Lahey January 31, 2010

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