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1 definition by Mr. Jawbreaking Equilibrium

A group who after having listened to them is the only good reason to commit suicide. A group that's like an aural and visual train wreck...you don't want to look but you did...you want to take your eyes off...but you can't. A group whose music is surely a sign that America is going straight down the drain and will surely fall in the years to come because the youth of America, our future leaders and such, are a bunch of retarded monkeys who actually let this shit get popular.
Hey, did you hear, Tommy committed suicide?

Oh, man...what a shame. The selfish prick.

No, it was a reasonable suicide. He listened to Brokencyde and couldn't get that crap out of his head.

Yep, makes sense to me.
by Mr. Jawbreaking Equilibrium June 28, 2009