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Jævel is a norwegian word and is a lot like the english bastard. It is also a slang for "Jævelen" which is "Satan" or the devil.
Jævel is not exactly the same as bastard, but the way that both of them are used show a certain resemblance.
"Ein jævel" and "a devil" are much more synonymous to each other.
Din jævel.

You bastard.

I går prata eg med jævelen.

Yesterday I talked to the devil.
by mr. j May 08, 2006
The time when a man is allowed to listen to any girly pop music he chooses, and is not considered gay for it. Every man should have his own fagatory time.
-You bumpin that new Birdman?
-No, it's the new Hilary Duff!
-Fagatory time, huh?
by Mr. J May 13, 2006

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