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A group that has gathered to create some type of cult of group thinking.
Notice how the Christian and Mayan cultures are similar, but slightly different. The Christians drank wine and bread that represented the flesh and blood of their human sacrifice and the Mayans sacrificed to there gods as well and committed cannibalism literally instead of philosophically. This may be the reason why the Mayan area of today has adopted a catholic culture.
by Mr. Illuminasty June 17, 2010
The God himself, or the mysterious perfection and deification of the human character.
Not only do you need to have blood from one of the 12 tribes, but also study the mysteries of the Torah, oral law, and cabala to reach the status of a Jew.
by Mr. Illuminasty June 18, 2010
A star who plays psychopathic liar who is a in a hardcore gay film, "Vladimir Jerkanoff".
My friend knickinoff is a faygeleh, but he comes no where near vladimir.
by Mr. Illuminasty July 18, 2010

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