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An idiotic looking device, used by unimportant people who want to look important. It is a wireles transmitter that is put on an ear and is hooked up to your cell phone, so no matter where your phone is, you can still recieve that highly anticipated, uber important phone call from your mom. It radiates a tacky neon blue when in use, yet most of the time it goes unused. Good for when driving, but when not on the road it makes you look sad and pathetic. Users deserve a drop-kicking.
Doreen always used to wear bluetooth in class, with her hair neatly tucked around it. Coincidently, she never used it nor was there a car lying around class, waiting to be driven. Once I drop kicked her, she never wore blue tooth again.
by Mr. Hoboski November 09, 2005
When driving along in the left lane of a two lane street, most likely Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, a pre-owned 5 series BMW cuts you off while a black 2001 Nissan Maxima stays steady to your right. The BMW then suddenly stops short, and because the Maxima is blocking you from swerving into the right lane, you rear end the BMW in front of you, which was all part of their plan. Passengers in the BMW all claim neck and back injuries and collect tens of thousands of dollars from insurance companies, largely in part to testimony from crooked Brighton Beach Orthopedists.
Oren was driving down Coney Island Avenue on his way home to Manhattan Beach. Suddenly, a black BMW cut him off, while a bronze Maxima pulled up to his right. Before he could realize what was going on, the BMW stopped short, causing him to plow into it. The driver and all 4 passengers of the BMW exited the car holding their necks and backs in pain, claiming to be severely injured; except the only injury here was done to Oren, the unsuspecting victim of Russian rear end.
by Mr. Hoboski December 12, 2008
When traffic is at such a standstill you feel like you just want to blow up the entire street/highway you are on.
Jack avoided the traffic jihad on the Belt Pkwy by doing 120 on the shoulder all the way to the bridge.
by Mr. Hoboski March 10, 2009
In the urban black community, when a female in the relationship suspects her man of cheating, she administers the black infidelity test by sniffing her man's penis to make sure it "don't smell like no otha bitch's pussy."
When Laquanda suspected her man Salameh of being unfaithful, she immediately administered the black infidelity test by ordering him to "drop yo' boxers n' lemme smell yo dick."
by Mr. Hoboski August 15, 2008
When a mexican corners his lady-companion against a urban brick wall, steel subway railing or in the corner of a 24 hour deli and proceeds to make out with her as she pretends to resist.
Smouha:"hey look over there salameh!"
Salameh: "oh my god, look against that wall"!
Smouha: "holy shit is he forcing her to make out?"
Salameh: "yea. total mexican lovefest"
by Mr. Hoboski July 11, 2008
When two young russians girls with similar features (skinny, bleach blonde hair), sit opposite each other on a Brooklyn subwayline and stare with scorn at one another.
{Katrina the Balarina sits down}
{Yelena the blonde sits down}

Russian staredown ensues.
by Mr. Hoboski July 11, 2008
When a person of Spanish descent openly and shamelessly gawks at a passing by chick's ass or tits. Perpetrators usually speaks no english and have paint all over their shoes.
Angela walked by a group of dirty spanish dayworkers and immediately recieved a Mexican Eyefuck.
by Mr. Hoboski July 11, 2008
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