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One that derives pleasure from munching on a pair of panties that range from slightly soiled to deliciously vile. The panty muncher usually delights in sniffing the lucky victim's panties first, where "munching" can often be an arousing and sadly overlooked afterthought. When the panty sniffer discovers this tasty treat he or she cant help but bludgeon the beefsteak or audition the finger puppets, using the lovingly handled panties as an ooze receptacle.
Devin: Hey baby, have you seen my panties?
Jason: (quietly munching panties in bathroom) Ummm...no.
Devin: Are you being a panty muncher again? Here let me give you a fresh pair!
Jason: Thanks baby! Isn't life swell?
Devin: Yes! Yes it is!
by Mr. Goodnight Beaverhausen December 23, 2009

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