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An extremely intelligent and capable dog that is widely used for K-9 units, guide dogs for the blind and deaf, search and rescue dogs, narcotics and explosives detecting dogs, herding dogs, and of course family companion. They are a medium-sized breed weighing anywhere from 75-90 pounds and 22-26 inches at the shoulders. They come in all black, black and tan (which is the most popular), and white (which is disqualified from the show ring). They will never let you down and will protect you with their life against anything, human or animal. They are very easily trained and are extremely strong. They can be vicious to intruders if they feel that their owner is threatened in any way. They are extremely gentle with children and protect them too. They love their owners immensely no matter what the owner is like. They can outrun even the fastest olympic athlete with ease. They are the best bodyguard and companion you can ask for.
My German Shepherd bit a robber that was about to get into our house.
by Mr. G January 07, 2005
Another way to say 'ridiculous'.
Man, this website is recockulous!
by Mr. G March 11, 2005
referring to something that is cool and usually retro.

probably from the term 'throw- back'
That jersey is throw.
by Mr. G March 11, 2005

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