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7 definitions by Mr. Frosty

Translated from Urdu to English, meaning "sister-fucker". This term started in South Asian ("Pakistan-India") when a guy named Salman was caught fucking his sister. This is socially unacceptable. The term was then used as an insult, and not neccesarily used to identify an "actual" sister fucker.
"Wheres my money you bhenchood?"
"I saw u last night u fukin bhenchood"
by Mr. Frosty March 15, 2005
To be beat down, badly. Ron Artest was suspended for assaulting a fan.
"Yo, I punched the guy like 5 times and he was out"
"haha, he got artested"
by Mr. Frosty March 11, 2005
A parody of the KGB, Russian secret police. KZG refers to Karachi Zone Gangstas, gangsters originating from Karachi, Pakistan
"Are u in a gang?"
"Ye, KZG biatch!!!"
by Mr. Frosty March 13, 2005
Physical abuse against a person who was repeatedly asked to do something. Usually used to refer to a husband's request to his wife, and the following physical abuse. Popularized by the Right Honorable Raees
"She didn't cook my dinner after I repeatedly asked her, so I honor slapped her"
"You just got honor slapped"
"What was that....an honor slap"
by Mr. Frosty March 11, 2005
The abbreviated version of "fast one". When someone pulls an F1, the trick someone. This word was originally used to describe Sam-Flex's behaviour. He and a few friends were going to run train on this girl, it was Sam-Flex's turn, and he left with the girl. Therefore, pulling an F1.
"I dont run missions with that guy, he pulls mad F1's"
by Mr. Frosty March 12, 2005
refering to the ESPlande, in Toronto, Canada. The people in The Esplande, have a destinctive accent that is often referred to as sonding like a sheep.
"Where you from playa?"
"East ESP, holmes"
by Mr. Frosty March 13, 2005
Gay or uncool. Originating from The Esplanade, Big A.
"Yo, I jus got an 8-track player"
"Thats bots"
by Mr. Frosty March 11, 2005