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LUElinks is the secretive internet society where lots of internet terrisiom is planned and executed from, they invade other forums, spam people, cause people to commit suicide, and it doesnt exist. Simple as that. If you are a member there, you can find unlimted amounts of porn,piracy, hilirity, basically anything you could ever hope to find in life is here. It is the Fort Knox of the internet. And there is NO chance of you ever getting in due to the fact that you have to be a LUE member and you cant signup anymore.
LUElinks planned and executed the attack which ended up DOSing LUE2.
by Mr. Finkelbottoms March 25, 2005
The best snack known to man.AKA Orgasim in solid form.
I shoved so many delicious ritz chips into my mouth i could taste it on my ass crack
by Mr. Finkelbottoms March 24, 2005

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