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Goth is usualy Just a Darker Form of Punk, it is a comomon Misconception that All "Goths" are Devil Worshiping Seuacidals, however the Opposit is More Common, a Goth is Likely to be A Well Educated Christian/Catholc.
Furthermore, You are not a Goth if you Simply Dress in Black, That is Just Trendy and Un-imagnative, a Goth is Meerly a Person Who Chooses to Dress Diffrently as they are Intelagent enough to Realise that our Cloths do not Matter, they Do Not Dress to Fit in as some Bistanders may Think, they are Making a Statment, we are what we are.
a goth will Think about Those things that Others will not Dare Dream of
by Mr. Eddy August 14, 2007
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