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4 definitions by Mr. Dunkadelic USA

Is a spectacular highlight-reel dunk of one player dunking over another player that can be made into a poster shot
Blake Griffin DUNKARIZED Kendrick Perkins for the NBA Play-of-the-Year.
by Mr. Dunkadelic USA February 13, 2012
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Nickname of M & T Bank Stadium home of the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are known for their defense led by linebacker Ray Lewis. Their fans are known as 'The Flock.' The nickname is a spin-off of "The Pentagon" the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense.
Ray Lewis does his signature pre-game dance at "The Flocktagon" before the start of every home game.
by Mr. Dunkadelic USA November 23, 2011
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Is a sports stadium or arena where fans "flock" to in large amounts to cheer on their favorite team as they do battle versus the opposition.
The Eagles fans enter the "Flocktagon" by the thousands on Sunday afternoons to watch their team do battle.
by Mr. Dunkadelic USA November 18, 2011
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The Purple "Flocktagon" is the new nickname created for M & T Bank Stadium and the 71,000 fans who attend Baltimore Raven football games. The Raven fans are known as "The Flock." The team main color is "Purple". The "Octagon" is the name of the battle cage for MMA fights.
The Baltimore Ravens will host the Pittsburgh Steelers at M & T Bank Stadium (aka.) The Purple "Flocktagon" in a battle of two AFC North heavweights.
by Mr. Dunkadelic USA November 14, 2011
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