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n. sanitary napkin (drawing on perceived similarities between feminine pads and baby diapers) Used by author Stephen King in the novel 'Gerald's Game.'
My cunt diaper leaked today, so I ruined a new pair of underwear by getting menstrual blood all over the crotch.
by Mr. Dude Man July 06, 2006
The harsh economic reality of many online gamers who think they're cool because they can type quickly in 1337 and have other trendy "cyber" skills but end up getting pwnd in the real world because they work for Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, or the sub shop, they smell funny, and they live in their parents' basements.
My boss at Burger Nazi gave me the boot because I stole money out of the drawer to buy a PS3 on eBay. Man, that sucks! I totally got PepsiCowned.
by Mr. Dude Man November 25, 2006
n. variation of tool shed
Can you believe that guy from Coldplay that Gwyneth Paltrow married, comparing his band to U2? What a fucking tool barn.
by Mr. Dude Man July 11, 2006

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