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Svendborg is a city in the happiest place on Earth, called Denmark. Denmark is known to be mistaken for Sweden's capital city and alcoholics.
-Svendborg is almost the same thing, except nobody knows where it is or that it even exists. Svendborg is filled with drug-addicts, and beer consumers.

Svendborg is (un)known for that fact that the city's population consumes more beer than any other city in Denmark.
Dude, i was i Svendborg last week, i met these awesome dudes at a bar and we got drunk. and i'm still drunk!
by Mr. Dane March 29, 2011
Crematoria is a fairly known band from Silkeborg, Denmark.
The members of Crematoria play Death/thrash metal all over scandinavia.

They are said to be one of the most promising upcoming death metal bands in Denmark, by reviewers.

The band members are known to be addicted to various forms of bizarre, obscure and vomitious humor, such as goatse.
"Dude... Isn't that crematoria?"
"Yeah, it is!"
by Mr. Dane July 26, 2011
Silkeborg is a town i Denmark. The word "Silke" means silk and "Borg" is directly translated as "Castle". So it's The Silk Castle.
It is commonly known as the Silk City by Danes, but since all Danes are drunk all the time, it comes out as "Siflbrurg"

Silkeborg is also known for it's music, such as the Death Metal bands Crematoria and Dawn of Demise, but also Alphabeat have their origin there.

To define Silkeborg is easy. The true definition is "The City of violent people in fast cars" and nothing else.
Hey, i was in Silkeborg yesterday, and those guys beat me up and drove off in their Dodge Charger!
by Mr. Dane May 21, 2011

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